Dr Giles Craig

Consultant Radiologist & PET/CT Specialist | Director Cancer Imaging

One of Giles’ main interests is Lung Cancer and he has been appointed by Cancer Australia (along with a team from Deakin University) to investigate the implementation of a National Lung Cancer Screening program, for which he hopes Geelong will become a pilot site.
Dr Craig is looking forward to embracing new PET tracers, made possible by the recently installed state-of-the-art 68-Gallium laboratory at University Hospital Geelong – these include imaging of prostate cancer with PSMA and neuro-endocrine tumours with DOTATATE. His other interests include novel therapeutics such as Lutetium-PSMA and the oncology applications of Spectral/Dual-energy CT, the latter of which he has just finished investigating with a 6-month sabbatical.