CT (Computerised Tomography)

CT (Computerised Tomography)

CT is available at multiple BMI locations across Greater Geelong and Colac.

We will need to see your request form prior to making your booking, to allow us to review any pre CT scan instructions that you will need before your scan.

Your CT request can be:

After review, we will contact you to arrange a suitable appointment time, taking into consideration any pre CT scan requirements.

What is a CT?

Computerised Tomography (CT) combines X-ray and digital technology to create detailed 2D and 3D images of most types of body structures. Images can be created of all areas of the body including bone, blood vessels, and soft tissue.

What to expect?

For your CT, you may be required to remove some clothing and change into a gown. Any jewellery or piercings in the area we are scanning must also be removed as metal can interfere with your scans.

Many CT scans require you to have a CT contrast injection during the scan and to drink a quantity of oral contrast before the scan. This allows the different organs of the body to be better visualised.

CT Contrast Injections & Oral Contrast

The radiographer will position you on the CT bed with cushions to help maintain the correct position during your scan. The CT Radiographer can see and talk to you from the console area which is located outside the scan room.

The CT scanner is basically a large doughnut shaped x-ray machine and the CT bed will move in and out of the scanner when your images are being taken.

You may be asked to hold your breath for up to 20 seconds for some scans.

If you have been given IV contrast for your scan you will be asked to remain in the CT area for ten minutes before being allowed to go about your day and normal activities.

Children having a CT Scan

How long does CT take?

Most CT scans take between 5 and 20 minutes to perform, depending on which areas need to be scanned.

Preparation for CT

Specific preparation for patients having a CT scan depends upon the area to be examined. Preparation may include guidelines on diet and fluid intake that must be followed prior to your scan.

Some CT scans will require no preparation at all.

On confirmation of your booking, the required preparation will be discussed with you and a copy of the preparation instructions will be provided to you with your appointment confirmation letter.

Safety Issues

Our CT scanners have been updated with the latest radiation dose reduction software, allowing high-quality imaging at the lowest radiation dose possible.

For more information on radiation safety please refer to our FAQ section.

Additional resources regarding children and imaging can also be found in our FAQ section.

Contact Us

If you require further information regarding CT please call Barwon Medical Imaging on T. 4215 0300