Electronic Images and Reports

Instant access to Images and Reports

Clinicians now have the option of two platforms:

bmiViewer – please use the URL below and save to Bookmarks for future use.


Barwon Health External Synapse – is now also available via the link below:


The same log-in credentials apply to both – bmiViewer holds most recent imaging (~ 3 months) with External Synapse hosting full historical imaging.

Download here – Barwon Health Confidentiality Form

24 Hour Access to Images and Reports


As part of Barwon Health’s (BH) ongoing IT system security improvements there is a requirement for all clinicians accessing Barwon Health systems to provide a 13 character passphrase. In addition, two-factor authentication will also be required.  To support this clinicians will need to provide their personal mobile telephone number and personal email address (not a generic clinic address) when registering with Barwon Health or requesting a passphrase update.

Your passphrase must meet the following requirements:

* A minimum 13 characters in length

* No upper case or number requirements

* Cannot contain your name

* Think passphrase rather than password (try 3 random words)

Barwon Health will provide clinicians with confirmation when their log-in credentials have been updated, including instructions on how the two-factor authentication will work.

Creating Your Account:

Clinicians will need to complete a Barwon Health Confidentiality Form (please download from the Download Section on the right of your screen) and return via email to accessbmi@barwonhealth.org.au. 

Alternatively, contact  Narelle Lawless – Clinical Support and Communications Manager, Barwon Medical Imaging for assistance on T. 4215 0359 or alternate T. 4215 3819.  


If you are not currently registered with Barwon Health and wish to have Barwon Health electronic communications delivered direct to your Practice – you will need to register your details via the Barwon Health Practitioner Portal.  Select the appropriate link under the Register with Barwon Health section – click here

Already Registered and having trouble accessing BMI Electronic Images and reports.?

bmiViewerOn-demand image and report access on any device 24/7 (web-based)

  • Needs only a compatible web browser (HTML 5 compatible)
  • Works on all internet devices and PC’s including Apple Mac
  • Responsive template – enabling use on iPads and Tablets (smartphone – not designed for small screens)
  • Quick image viewing
  • 3 months of images  and 5 years of report archives available
  • Older images may be selectively sent across on request

Refer to the downloads section to access “Getting Started with bmiViewer” and a “Quick Reference Guide”.

Need further assistance?

Email: accessbmi@barwonhealth.org.au

Narelle Lawless – Clinical Support and Communication Manager

T. 4215 0359