Diagnostic Mammograms

A diagnostic mammogram is a series of detailed X-Ray images of the breasts. BMI uses mammography technology called breast tomosynthesis which uses a moving arm to make a 3D picture of the breast.

Diagnostic mammograms with breast tomosynthesis are performed at University Hospital, Geelong.

Mammography Room at University Hospital Geelong

Now on Level 3 – enter via the hospital’s main entrance – Bellerine Street Geelong

Barwon Health’s Mammography room is co-located within our purpose built ultrasound department on Level 3, University Hospital Geelong.

Designed with separate areas for inpatients and outpatients, there is a dedicated trolley bay for inpatients awaiting scanning, whilst outpatients can enjoy a light filled reception area, easily located on level 3, just past the new Baxter lifts and close to the cafeteria.

What to expect?

Before your appointment can be booked, BMI need to see the request provided by your doctor.

Referrals may be faxed to 4215 0447 or emailed to

A mammographer will review the clinical notes and then contact you to make your appointment.

We will ask you about any previous mammograms that you have had at other imaging centres as these are important for comparison.

An appointment confirmation letter with preparation instructions will be sent to you.

For your mammogram you will be asked to change into a gown. Mammograms are performed by female radiographers, who will ask you a series of questions.

They will explain what will happen before guiding you into the position for your images. The radiographer will compress your breast to hold it in position. The compression improves detail and lowers your radiation dose; it may feel a bit uncomfortable.

Multiple images will be taken of your breast from different angles. This process is repeated for the other breast.

It’s not uncommon for patients to require further imaging to clarify details, once your images have been reviewed our specialist consultant, so we ask that you allow extra time in of your day should they need to have further mammogram views or ultrasound.

What is Mammography?

Mammography is a low dose x-ray of your breasts. It is used for screening and diagnosis of certain conditions that affect breast tissue. It is commonly used for evaluation of a range of breast symptoms.

How long does Mammography take?

Please allow 30 minutes for mammography imaging and should an ultrasound also be required, 30-45 minutes for ultrasound imaging.

Preparation for Mammography

In preparation for your appointment, you must not wear talcum powder or deodorant as these can interfere with the images. For your comfort, please wear pants or a skirt, as you will need to remove clothing from the waist up. Please remove any relevant body piercings prior to your appointment.

It’s very important to bring any previous breast images from other imaging centres you have attended with you for comparison.

Safety Issues

Further information on Radiation can be found under our FAQ section.

Contact Us

If you require further information regarding Diagnostic Mammograms please call Barwon Medical Imaging on T. 4215 0300