Safety Information

Internal metal objects:

Patients with certain types of implanted electronic devices such as pacemakers, infusion pumps and cochlear implants will not be admitted into the MRI scan room because there is a danger of injury to the patient if the device malfunctions due to the magnetic field.

Patients with some types of intra-cerebral aneurysm clips will not be admitted to the scan room because the magnetic field may move the clips. The brain does not produce scar tissue so any movement of these clips could cause the aneurysm to rupture.

Patients with metal fragments within the eyeball will not be admitted to the scan room because movement of the metal by the magnetic field may injure the eye.

Other surgically implanted metal devices, such as those used in orthopaedic, cardiac or abdominal surgery are mostly MRI compatible, but still need to be checked with our MRI radiographer.

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