Direct Digital (DR) X-ray – all BMI Sites

High Quality | Low Dose

As part of Barwon Health’s commitment to provide high-quality imaging to the region BMI has recently completed installation and upgrade to low-dose digital radiography across all its BMI Sites.

This final round of system upgrades, including CT low radiation dose software early this year, places Barwon Health at the forefront in the provision of ultra-low radiation medical imaging services.

Why Direct Digital (DR) X-ray?indian girl

  • Higher image quality – improved resolution
  • Significantly less radiation dose (DR 50% less radiation dose than traditional CR systems)
  • Faster and more efficient service

High dependency areas at Barwon Health such as ICU, the Special Care Unit, Emergency and Theatre all  especially benefit from the availability of almost instant high quality, low dose x-ray images which can be used to support the immediate clinical management of the patient.

“We believe that with these final upgrades, Barwon Health is one of the few large health care services in Australia to deliver a comprehensive high quality and ultra-low radiation x-ray (DR) and CT imaging service across all its medical imaging sites for both hospital patients and the wider community.” Philip Brough, Chief Radiographer.